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Things that matter to me

I use this site to share ideas and insights about things that matter to me. It’s an archive of my favorite content and a place to share great information about politics, religion, and science.

About Jacob

Obsessed with learning new things. Trying to learn and defend truth.

Living in Idaho, graduated in Financial Economics from BYU-Idaho, and getting ready to launch several civic education projects.

I own a website and marketing business called ArcFires. Keep an eye out for my upcoming civic education projects: Liberty Library and the American Center for Civic Training.

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ArcFires Websites & Marketing

Liberty Library

American Center for Civic Training

My name is Jacob Householder. I am a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. I serve on the advisory boards of the Thomas Jefferson Center for Constitutional Restoration and the Columbus Center for Constitutional Studies.

I’m passionate about liberty, social innovation, history, science, and my faith. I created this blog to easily share with others what I believe and to provide a place for others to quickly find information and materials on topics that really matter to people like me. This website does not generate profit and all cited information is used under Fair Use laws. My primary goal is to redirect visitors to the main sources of this content.

I have several years of experience in sales, leadership, customer service, independent and paid research, and teaching, including a 2 year LDS mission in northern Colorado and southern Wyoming. I have contributed 8 months of research to the Harvard Divinity School’s Religious Literacy Project. I have spent several years involved with various councils and organizations on campus at BYU-Idaho, including serving as the director of the Disciple Leader Council in putting on the Disciple Leader Conference and as the director of the Healing of America Conference in Rexburg, Idaho.

I am working to become a scholar on the United States Constitution and to play a role in its restoration. I truly believe we can heal America, and am eagerly working to educate others on the necessary steps to accomplish this feat. For the foreseeable future, I will continue to teach classes and seminars on the principles of successful government in an effort to restore our nation to its original grandeur. Eventually, I would like to travel the globe, teaching world leaders about the specific steps they can take to also experience political and religious freedom in their respective countries.

I recently completed a year of training in nonprofit development through the Leadership Institute, the State Policy Network, and the Mackinac Center for Public Policy and attended the State Policy Network’s Annual Meeting in Colorado Springs as a Generation Liberty Fellow.

I have also worked as a research and operations intern for the Universal Model. My primary professional goal is to restore and establish truth in education in the fields of history, politics, and science. I spent several months in 2016-2017 teaching classes in the community on the harmony between religion and new scientific discoveries, primarily published in the Universal Model volumes.

I currently work as the Director of Development and Digital Operations at the Madison Liberty Institute in Rexburg, Idaho, as the Director of International Outreach for the Columbus Center for Constitutional Studies, and as the Director of the Restoration Generation, the student engagement project of the Columbus Center and other “Kimber groups” or “Restoration Network.” I recently finished two years of working as a remote business consultant for Success Engine, based out of Mesa, Arizona, where I provided consulting and implementation services to nearly 200 businesses. In short, I helped businesses use Infusionsoft and other softwares to create automated marketing campaigns. In addition to my work at the Madison Liberty Institute, I work as a freelance website developer.

I recently announced that I’m running for the Idaho Senate, district 34. In an attempt to be the most transparent politician on earth, I’ve made a timeline of my entire life here.

Contact me to learn more.

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