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I want to start by saying I don’t have an informed position on this subject yet so I’m not attempting to convince anybody of my opinion. I’m simply using this page as an archive of what I’ve found that I think is worthy of consideration as I sort through this issue. I am however willing to share my initial gut reaction to this debate and to express where my attitude is as I’m starting this study.

I’m inclined to believe that there is a massive body of legitimate science that says vaccines are incredibly useful, have saved countless millions of lives, and should be promoted. But I’m also inclined to believe that there are likely rare and unique cases where vaccines have either failed to prevent the major illnesses they were designed to prevent or have harmed some children. I want to better understand how vaccines work and I especially want to know what has been researched on these rare cases. I believe parents have a fundamental right to choose, but I also believe state and local governments may be given the constitutional authority by the people to create laws to establish standards of health and safety. I don’t believe the federal government should have any national health laws as these are outside the enumerated powers of the Constitution under Article I Section 8.

As a general rule, I’m very annoyed by extremely emotional, uninformed opinions that are filled with logical fallacies and built purely on a foundation of anecdotes. On the other hand, I also recognize that just because someone presents a really poor argument for something they believe, that doesn’t make their conclusion false. This is called an “argument from fallacy.”

Argument from fallacy is the formal fallacy of analyzing an argument and inferring that, since it contains a fallacy, its conclusion must be false. It is also called argument to logic (argumentum ad logicam), the fallacy fallacy, the fallacist’s fallacy, and the bad reasons fallacy.

Fallacious arguments can arrive at true conclusions, so this is an informal fallacy of relevance.


Either way, I believe the worst service we can do for the truth is give it a bad argument. I don’t know how long it will take me, but I’m determined to study this out so I can someday represent the truth as well as the truth deserves, whatever that truth is.

The following is content I have found on the issue that appears to be legitimate science on the topic. Feel free to comment at the bottom of the page to help me sort through this science.

Anti-Vax Claims

It was previously believed by holistic doctors that a good age to begin vaccinations was 2 years, due to the blood brain barrier closing at that time, so in theory the neurotoxic adjuvants would do less damage to the immature infant or toddler brain. However, an ingredient added to many vaccines is Polysorbate 80, which opens the barrier regardless of maturity, leaving the brain vulnerable to damage from adjuvants at any age.

[Polysorbate-80 modified neurotoxin nanoparticle with its transport and cytotoxicity against blood-brain barrier]. – PubMed – NCBI

Medicare/State Insurance children get different vaccines than children with private insurance companies:

And they’re made with more dangerous ingredients, for example the private insurance vaccine for DTAP named Daptacel has Aluminum Phosphate, which is much less toxic than Aluminum Hydroxide which is in the state insurance brand DTAP; Infanrix.

Daptacel has “equal to or less than 5 mcg of Aluminum Phosphate”.

Infanrix has “equal to or less than 100 mcg of Aluminum Hydroxide”. Infanrix also contains Polysorbate 80, which as mentioned above, opens the Blood Brain Barrier. Daptacel does not contain Polysorbate 80.


SIDS Autopsy Tests to request –
• Test for CRP (C-reactive protein
• Test for liver enzymes
• Test for heavy metals, especially mercury and aluminium in blood and brain tissue
• Test for formaldehyde factor alpha (TNF-α)  Fibrinogen
5. Vitamin C assay
6. Titer levels on all the vaccines
7. Request Brain Tissue Samples Preserved as Paraffin Blocks
• Brainstem: Pons, Medulla, Midbrain
• Hippocampus
• Cerebellum

Request extensive panels/assays of both post-mortem blood and key organ tissue samples, e.g., brain, liver, spleen, heart, and small intestine. Since there are numerous neurotoxins, heavy metals (Mercury, Aluminium in 4 formulations), even recombinant DNA (rDNA), and industrial use chemicals in the formulation of vaccines, it should be incumbent upon the pathologist to perform extensive panels/assays of both post-mortem blood and key organ tissue samples, e.g., brain, liver, spleen, heart, and small intestine.


Peer reviewed and published evidence that all aluminum adjuvants result in cell mortality and toxicity, especially in fetuses whose mothers vaccinate during pregnancy:


Many vaccines contain human cell lines from aborted fetuses, these are known as WI-38, MRC-5 and there are more cell lines being created with more recent fetuses that will be in upcoming vaccinations called WALVAX-2. These samples are taken when the aborted fetus is dissected while still alive via water bag method of abortion, keeping the cells from the lung, skin tissue, and other organs both intact and active when tested on.



•        Video of abortion clinic technicians and directors both knowingly and unknowingly recorded discussing late term, intact, & alive aborted fetuses shipped and tested on + the extremely high demand for water-bag method abortions for this purpose:
        •        Tumors from aborted fetal cells in vaccines:

Vaccine creator and manufacturer discusses in court how he used children with disabilities, with special needs, oppressed nationalities and groups, and orphans for vaccine experiments and trials, both worldwide and in the US:


•        WALVAX2 studies in mice:


Measles has multiple strains, vaccines only exist for some strains:

• MMR caused meningitis in the UK:

• Measles outbreak in a vaccinated school population: epidemiology, chains of transmission and the role of vaccine failures.

• Detection of RNA of Mumps Virus during an Outbreak in a Population with a High Level of Measles, Mumps, and Rubella Vaccine Coverage


A dose-response relationship between organic mercury exposure from thimerosal-containing vaccines and neurodevelopmental disorders.

A case series of children with apparent mercury toxic encephalopathies manifesting with clinical symptoms of regressive autistic disorders.


Aluminum in the central nervous system (CNS): toxicity in humans and animals, vaccine adjuvants, and autoimmunity.



Subtle DNA changes and vaccines


•Relative trends in hospitalizations and mortality among infants by the number of vaccine doses and age, based on the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS), 1990-2010.

•Infant mortality rates regressed against number of vaccine doses routinely given: Is there a biochemical or synergistic toxicity?

•DTP with or after measles vaccination is associated with increased in-hospital mortality in Guinea-Bissau.


Is infant immunization a risk factor for childhood asthma or allergy?

Infection, vaccines and other environmental triggers of autoimmunity.!po=54.0179

Atopic dermatitis (eczema) is increased following vaccination for measles, mumps and rubella or measles infection. – PubMed – NCBI
The AAP on  “Eczema Vaccinatum” (aka vaccines cause eczema):



Synthetic DNA in new Hep B vaccine:


Contaminated viruses in vaccines:
        •        her paper:


Vaccines and long term health:

Take this next link with a grain of salt, this study is from a doctors’ personal study, not peer reviewed, about New Zealand children in 1992. I did find it interesting so I decided to link it.

-Unvaccinated Children are Healthier-

Placebo study:


Combination MMRV vaccine linked with 2-fold risk of seizures…/2010-06/kp-cmv062310.php

US court pays $6 million to Gardasil victims:…/us-court-pays-6…/

Gardasil & cervarix vaccine adverse reports:


There is no science that shows vaccines cause Autism, except in these published studies which show vaccines cause Autism.

• Hepatitis B vaccination of male neonates and autism diagnosis, NHIS 1997-2002.

• Abnormal measles-mumps-rubella antibodies and CNS autoimmunity in children with autism.

• The plausibility of a role for mercury in the etiology of autism: a cellular perspective

•Here are 127 separate studies linking vaccines and autism.

•Impact of environmental factors on the prevalence of autistic disorder after 1979…/article1409245

•Autism and Resulting Medical Conditions:

• Mercury toxic encephalopathy manifesting with clinical symptoms of regressive autistic disorders.

•Relation of mercury to high autism rates in boys

•Abnormal MMR antibodies in children with autism
 •Tylenol, MMR and Autism – A parent survey study

•Peer reviewed study on fetal cell contamination with retro virus associated with autism and cancer


Vaccines proven to have caused autism in this federal court case:
And here page 2

And this one-

Here are 83 cases reviewed by lawyers

A dead child’s family compensated

If you ever need a lawyer

Read this about Hannah Brusewitz case and how she was harmed by DTP

Supreme Court calls vaccines “Unavoidably Unsafe”-

                Package inserts:


National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act-

 (renders manufactures 100% free of any & all liability):


National Compensation Court website (note the $4 billion paid out comes from tax payers):

Vaccine requirements for work/school by state:

        People who should not be vaccinated:

Lawsuit determines that federally required safety studies have not been performed in 30 years:

                Vaccine Failure & Shedding-
Measles outbreak in a fully immunized school:

Measles outbreak among the vaccinated:

New York measles outbreak linked to vaccinated:

Vaccinated child responsible for measles outbreak in British Columbia:

Mumps outbreak in Netherlands linked to those vaccinated:

Vaccinated student in Cali diagnosed with mumps:

98% vaccinated in pertussis outbreak:

Vaccine-related polio outbreak in Syria 2017:

More vaccine failure — pertussis outbreak in vaccinated children:

Pertussis outbreak in San Diego — 621 people & 85% were vaccinated — MORE vaccine failure:

Largest measles epidemic in North America in the last decade occurred in 2011 in Quebec where 1 & 2 dose vaccine coverage among children 3 years of age were 95%-97%:

Hib outbreak — 363/443 (82%) were vaccinated:

The Emerging risks of live virus & virus vectored vaccines:

Small Pox vaccine sheds to infant from parent (military personnel):

Everyone infected in this whooping cough outbreak was up to date on vaccinations:
                & this outbreak too:

Even the CDC suggests that the vaccinated are an asymptomatic reservoir for infection:


Mutant strains of polio vaccine now causing more paralysis than wild polio:

Polio vaccine causing polio again:

Polio vaccine contaminated with HFM virus:

                Identifying vaccine damage:

VAERS received 29,747 reports after Hib vaccines — 5179 (17%) were serious, including 896 reports of death:

                Make sure to report reactions:

Pediatricians get bonuses to push vaccines:
        Does your doctor get incentives to push vaccines? Look them up:


Do not sign the refusal form:

                MTHFR gene:

Private testing: (they do not keep rights to your DNA & destroy your DNA after test is completed)

                Herd Immunity

The term, ‘herd immunity’, was coined by researcher, A W Hedrich, after he’d studied the epidemiology of measles in USA between 1900-1931. His study published in the May, 1933 American Journal of Epidemiology concluded that when 68% of children younger than 15 yrs old had become immune to measles via infection, measles epidemics ceased. For several reasons, this natural, pre-vaccine herd immunity differed greatly from today’s vaccine ‘herd immunity’.1,2  When immunity was derived from natural infection, a much smaller proportion of the population needed to become immune to show the herd effect; compare the 68% measles immunity required for natural herd immunity to the very high percentages of vaccine uptake deemed necessary for measles vaccine ‘herd immunity’. In his ‘Vaccine Safety Manual’, Neil Z Miller cites research which concluded increasing vaccine uptake necessary for ‘herd immunity’ ranging from “70 to 80 percent of two year olds in inner cities” in 1991 to “‘close to 100 percent coverage’…with a vaccine that is 90 to 98 percent effective.” in 1997. Miller notes that, “When the measles vaccine was introduced in 1963, officials were confident that they could eradicate the disease by 1967.”  Subsequently, new dates for eradication were pronounced as 1982, 2000 and 2010. Meanwhile, “In 1990, after examining 320 scientific works from around the world, 180 European medical doctors concluded that ‘the eradication of measles…would today appear to be an unrealistic goal.’” And in 1984, Professor D. Levy of Johns Hopkins University had already “concluded that if current practices [of suppressing natural immunity] continue, by the year 2050 a large part of the population will be at risk and ‘there could in theory be over 25,000 fatal cases of measles in the U.S.A.’”  Disease-conferred immunity usually lasted a lifetime. As each new generation of children contracted the infection, the immunity of those previously infected was renewed due to their continual cyclical re-exposure to the disease; except for newly-infected children and the few individuals who’d never had the disease or been exposed to it, the ‘herd immunity’ of the entire population was maintained at all times.  Vaccine ‘herd immunity’ is hit-and-miss; outbreaks of disease sometimes erupt in those who follow recommended vaccine schedules. If they do actually “immunize”, vaccines provide only short-term immunity so, in an attempt to maintain ‘herd immunity’, health authorities hold ‘cattle drives’ to round up older members of the ‘herd’ for administration of booster shots. And on it goes, to the point that, now, it’s recommended we accept cradle-to-grave shots of vaccine against pertussis, a disease which still persists after more than sixty years of widespread use of the vaccine.  Russell Blaylock, MD remarks, “One of the grand lies of the vaccine program is the concept of “herd immunity”. In fact, vaccines for most Americans declined to non-protective levels within 5 to 10 years of the vaccines. This means that for the vast majority of Americans, as well as others in the developed world, herd immunity doesn’t exist and hasn’t for over 60 years.”3  In the pre-vaccine era, newborns could receive antibodies against infectious diseases from their mothers who had themselves been infected as children and re-exposed to the diseases later in life. Today’s babies born to mothers who were vaccinated and never exposed to these diseases do not receive these antibodies. In direct contrast to fear mongering disease “facts” and ‘herd immunity’ theories related by Public Health, most of today’s babies are more vulnerable than babies of the pre-vaccine era.  References: 1. “Monthly estimates of the child population ‘susceptible’ to measles, 1900-1931, Baltimore, Maryland”; A W Hedrich; American Journal of Epidemiology; May 1933 – Oxford University Press.  2. ‘Vaccine Safety Manual’ by Neil Z Miller; New Atlantean Press; 2008, 2009; pg 152.  3. Ibid; pgs 16-17.

“Q: Doesn’t herd immunity protect most people?  A: Herd immunity (or community immunity) is a situation in which, through vaccination or prior illness, a sufficient proportion of a population is immune to an infectious disease, making its spread from person to person unlikely. Even individuals not vaccinated (such as newborns and those with chronic illnesses) are typically protected because the disease has little opportunity to spread within their community. Since pertussis spreads so easily, vaccine protection decreases over time, and acellular pertussis vaccines may not prevent colonization (carrying the bacteria in your body without getting sick) or spread of the bacteria, we can’t rely on herd immunity to protect people from pertussis.” <>

 Questions to ask your doctor/ped regarding vaccinations:
 Question-1: If measles vaccines confer measles immunity, then why do already-vaccinated children have anything to fear from a measles outbreak?  Question-2: If vaccines work so well, then why did Merck virologists file a False Claims Act with the U.S. government, describing the astonishing scientific fraud of how Merck faked its vaccine results to trick the FDA?  Question-3: If vaccines don’t have any links to autism, then why did a top CDC scientist openly confess to the CDC committing scientific fraud by selectively omitting clinical trial data after the fact in order to obscure an existing link between vaccines and autism?  Question-4: If mercury is a neurotoxic chemical, then why is it still being injected into children and pregnant women via vaccines? Why does the vaccine industry refuse to remove all the mercury from vaccines in the interests of protecting children from mercury?  Question-5: If vaccines are so incredibly safe, then why does the vaccine industry need absolute legal immunity from all harm caused by its products?  Question-6: If vaccines work so well to prevent disease, then why do some vaccines (like the chickenpox vaccine) openly admit that they can cause the spread of chickenpox through shedding?  Question-7: If vaccines are so great for public health, then why do these historical public health charts show nearly all the declines in infectious disease taking place BEFORE vaccines arrived on the scene?  Question-8: If vaccines are perfectly safe, then why did at least 13 people recently die in Italy after being vaccinated?  Question-9: If vaccines are trustworthy, then why did a pro-vaccine group in Africa recently discover — to its shock and horror — that vaccines being given to young African women were secretly laced with sterilization chemicals?   Question-10: If vaccines are backed by solid science, then why do some vaccine inserts openly admit they are backed by no clinical trials?  Question-11: If vaccines are safe, then why does this vaccine insert admit that the Gardasil vaccine causes “acute respiratory illness” in babies who consume the breast milk of mothers who have been vaccinated?  Question-12: If vaccines are safe, then why does this Gardasil insert sheet admit that the vaccine causes “seizure-like activity, headache, fever, nausea and dizziness” and can even cause those injected with the vaccine to lose consciousness and fall, resulting in injury?

Question-13: If vaccines are safe to give to pregnant women, then why do the vaccine insert sheets openly admit most of them have never been tested for safety in pregnant women? In fact, this vaccine admits “the effects of the vaccine in foetal development are unknown.”Question-15: If vaccines are so safe to be injected into the bodies of children and pregnant women, then why do their own insert sheets readily admit they are manufactured with a cocktail of toxic chemical ingredients including “foetal bovine serum?” (The blood serum of aborted baby cows.)  Question-14: If vaccines achieve absolute immunity, then why are as many as 97 percent of children struck by infectious disease already vaccinated against that disease?

Doctors who explain clearly why vaccines aren’t safe or effective.

1. Dr. Nancy Banks –
 2. Dr. Russell Blaylock –
 3. Dr. Shiv Chopra –
 4. Dr. Sherri Tenpenny –
 5. Dr. Suzanne Humphries –
6. Dr. Larry Palevsky –
7. Dr. Toni Bark –
 8. Dr. Mayer Eisenstein –
9. Dr. Frank Engley, PhD –
 10. Dr. David Davis –
11. Dr Tetyana Obukhanych –
 12. Dr. Harold E Buttram –
 13. Dr. Kelly Brogan –
14. Dr. RC Tent –
 15. Dr. Rebecca Carley –
 16. Dr. Andrew Moulden –
 17. Dr. Jack Wolfson –
 18. Dr. Michael Elice –
19. Dr. Terry Wahls –

20. Dr. Stephanie Seneff –
21. Dr. Paul Thomas –
22. Dr. Richard Moskowitz –
23. Dr. Jane Orient –
24. Dr. Richard Deth –
25. Dr. Lucija Tomljenovic –

Hundreds more doctors testifying that vaccines aren’t safe or effective, in these documentaries….

1. Vaccination – The Silent Epidemic –
 2. The Greater Good –
 3. Shots In The Dark –
 4. Vaccination The Hidden Truth –
 5. Vaccine Nation –
 6. Vaccination – The Truth About Vaccines –
 7. Lethal Injection –
 8. Bought –
 9. Deadly Immunity –

10. Beyond Treason –
 11. Trace Amounts – 
12. Why We Don’t Vaccinate –