I have had the incredible privilege of serving as the Director of International Outreach for the Columbus Center over the past year. I work closely with Dr. Glenn J. Kimber and his board of directors in engaging students in constitutional training and international travel.

About the Columbus Center

International Outreach of Constitutional Education

The Columbus Center for Constitutional Studies is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt, non-partisan, educational non-profit dedicated to spreading the principles of successful government outlined by America’s Founding Fathers. The Columbus Center advocates basic constitutional principles and prepares youth and young adults to teach other countries how to practice successful self-government.

The Columbus Center offers college-level basic and advanced training on history and principles of Constitutional government through online courses, workshops, conferences, and other events.

Our mission is to teach and promote an understanding of the principles of constitutional government and the rule of law embodied in the United States Constitution as written, established, and promoted by the original Founding Fathers.

The principles on which the American constitutions rest—those principles of order, of the balance of powers, of true liberty, of deep and sincere respect for right—are indispensable to all republics; they ought to be common to all.” ~Alexis de Tocqueville, France


  •         Online training, broadcasts, & podcasts
  •         International outreach
  •         Community classes, seminars, conferences, concerts, & other events


  •         Constitutional Studies
  •         American and World History
  •         International Studies


  •         Rising Generation — scholars ages 5-17
  •         Restoration Generation — scholars ages 18-35


The Restoration Generation is the group of students ages 18-35 within the Columbus Center who are working to become scholars on the fundamentals of the Constitution. These students teach, organize events, and actively defend principles of the Constitution. 


The Columbus Center provides opportunities for members of the Restoration Generation to participate in international educational programs designed to spread principles of constitutional government around the world. Members of the Columbus Center have been asked to provide constitutional training in more than 2 dozen countries around the world.


The Columbus Center advocates healing America through an educational movement designed to restore an understanding of and loyalty to our inspired Constitution. Through seminars and conferences, the Columbus Center informs communities of the root causes of America’s greatest political problems and offers unifying, non-partisan solutions.


Although Christopher Columbus never lived under or participated in constitutional government, his commitment to spreading Christianity around the world reminds us of the ultimate goal of free government: freedom of religion (or freedom of conscience). The “gospel of freedom” must pave the way for our essential religious freedoms and our efforts to perpetuate the principles of free government internationally will open doors to future missionary efforts. 


While the Columbus Center headquarters are in Cedar City, Utah, the Columbus Center has partnered with Spark Freedom at the Madison Liberty Institute to provide a home for the Restoration Generation national office. Visit us at 116 S. Center St. Rexburg, Idaho 83440!