The Madison Liberty Institute is a Rexburg, Idaho based educational non-profit. The organization opened September 17, 2018 and has been growing rapidly this past year. Within just a few months, nearly 500 students have signed up to get involved.

I’ve had the privilege to participate in establishing this organization along with Ron Nate, Jonathan Haines, and several other BYU-Idaho students. I currently work as a senior intern over development and digital operations.

Spark Freedom is the student engagement arm of the Madison Liberty Institute. It provides a home for any student groups who want to organize events and activities and weekly trainings on the Constitution, American history, and the Founding Fathers’ original intent. Currently, there are 5 student groups who meet weekly to provide various trainings to BYU-Idaho students.

The Madison Liberty Institute also provides paid internships for students studying political science, economics, business, communications, education, and any other degrees relevant to non-profits and the liberty movement.