Restoration Generation Logo

The Restoration Generation is the group of constitutional scholars ages 18-35 who are involved with the following five non-profits:

  • Columbus Center for International Outreach
  • Wesley Center for Religious Freedom
  • Benjamin Franklin Center for Morality and Education
  • Washington Center for the Healing of America
  • Lord Nelson Center for Military Outreach

We engage in a multi-denominational study of the Constitution based on the original intent of the Founding Fathers. Those who wish to join the Restoration Generation are encouraged to sign up for one of the branches under one of these five non-profits.

We believe the Founding Fathers were inspired and led by God to initiate this great American experiment of freedom. We revere the Constitution as a sacred document and believe that it espouses God’s preferred form of government. We also believe that God expects America to learn how to perfectly practice this rare gift of self government so that one day we may live up to our calling of being a shining example to the world of the virtues of freedom. We believe our persuasive example will eventually lead all nations to establish freedom and protect the unalienable rights of mankind.

In addition to the Constitution itself, our primary study materials include the 5,000 Year Leap and Making of America student manuals.