I believe the key to scientific discovery is having an open and inquiring mind. I believe that scientific truths can be learned through the scientific method, as well as by the Spirit. There are many accounts of renowned scientists learning through revelations, and I believe this still happens today. Intuition is an invaluable element of scientific inquiry.

For many, science and religion are contrasting opposites with science based on fact and religion based on feelings. However, I contend that one needs just as much, if not more, faith to believe in a universe without God as I need to believe in a universe with God. I do not see science and religion as conflicting opposites. I consider science to be the study of God’s natural laws. Scientific laws are God’s fingerprint in the world around us, and all things truly testify of Him. I consider the scriptures literally, and consider them an accurate and reliable record (including the scientific and historical accounts), so far as they are translated and transcribed correctly. Any apparent conflict between religion and science stems from a false conclusion regarding one or both.

I believe the world is on the verge of a new scientific revolution. While technologies continue to advance at mind-boggling speeds, the professional search for new, significant natural laws has been almost fruitless for much of the past century. I hope to be involved in the discovery and advocacy of new natural law in science. I also hope to play a role in removing speculative dogma from professional scientific education and restoring science to the standards of a universal scientific method with the discovery of absolute truth as the end goal.

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