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Talk: “The Lord’s Base of Operations” by Ezra Taft Benson

From: The Lord’s Base of Operations by Elder Ezra Taft Benson Of the Council of the Twelve Apostles Conference Report, April 1962, pp. 103-106 ELDER EZRA TAFT BENSON Of the Council of the Twelve Apostles My brothers and sisters, everywhere: With joy and gratitude I face you today in, and from, this historic Tabernacle. I […]

My “Connection” to Preparing a People

Here are some comments I recently made in a Facebook group that discusses the Chad and Lori Daybell case: After being asked about my “connection” to Preparing a People for the 30th time I decided it’s time to finally make a statement about what I know about this whole fiasco. Summary: I’ve spoken at one […]

The Prophesied Healing of America

Last week I gave a presentation to the Restoration Generation called “The Prophesied Healing of America”. We had it recorded and posted on the Columbus Center’s “Student Portal”. Check it out here:

Religious Freedom & LDS Church Tax Exempt Status – Quentin L. Cook

Quentin L. Cook (Quorum of the Twelve) Some ask what is wrong when marriage is granted to those of the same gender, as was done by the California Supreme Court. I’ve already stated one reason: it is contrary to God’s plan. In addition, the court’s decision will inevitably lead to conflicts with religious liberties, freedom […]

J. Golden Kimball – Son of a Prophet

ELDER J. GOLDEN KIMBALL Of the First Council of Seventy I intend to be reminiscent in what I shall say on this occasion. I have frequently called your attention to the fact that under President John Taylor I was permitted to fill a mission in the Southern States, in 1883 and ’84, under the presidency […]

Navigating Latter-day Prophesy

I’ve been asked to compile a guide for those wanting to make sense of latter-day prophecy. I have a unique perspective on this subject. So to introduce this guide, I’ll share part of my childhood story.

“No Man” Knoweth the Day Nor the Hour?

This is a quick response to the idea that the timing of the Second Coming of Jesus Christ is not known by anyone on earth. Most people believe that nobody knows, nor could know, when Christ will return. That belief stems from the following verses in Matthew 24: 3 And as he sat upon the mount […]

“Hanging by a Thread”

It is said by members of the LDS church that in the last days the Constitution would “hang by a thread”.  This statement is often used in conjunction with the idea of the government of the United States collapsing. I have read many books regarding “last days prophecy” and know full well what has been […]