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Scans of Temple Ordinances Performed By Wilford Woodruff

These are scans of the actual temple records used to record the ordinances performed for the signers of the Declaration of Independence, several Founding Fathers, and many other eminent men and women. Click here to read about the ordinances performed.

Lance Richardson’s NDE and the Founding Fathers

“The Message by Lance Richardson” by Oak Norton From – personal emphasis added. A couple years ago (2003’ish) I had the opportunity to meet Cleon Skousen, quite a well known individual in church and government circles. I spent a wonderful afternoon talking with him about a variety of subjects and over the course of that conversation he […]

John Taylor’s Vision of the “Last Days”

From NOTE: There are some that dispute whether or not it was John Taylor that had this vision. The vision does, in fact, come from the journal of Wilford Woodruff. It is verified that it was not Wilford Woodruff that had the vision. Many believe it to be John Taylor’s vision. (Source: Wilford Woodruff’s Journal, […]

Vision of Gen. George McClellan

(According to the National Tribune, December 1880, Anthony Sherman, a close friend of Washington, related this vision to Wesley Bradshaw.) In a strategic moment in the Civil War, General George B. McClellan, who had been called by President Lincoln to take charge of the shattered Union forces, fell asleep at his desk. He had scarcely […]

Vision of George Washington

From In the National Tribune, 1880, an article appeared giving an account of the “Vision of Washington” at Valley Forge. The account was told by a gentleman named Anthony Sherman, who supposedly was at Valley Forge during the winter of 1777-78. The story has been published several times. Some people will say that it is […]

Vision of Charles D. Evans

Charles D. Evans Vision of The Future Digitized by Glen W. Chapman Dec. 2000 (Taken from the Book Visions of The Latter Days, 6th printing 1998, Pioneer Press, 3332Ft Union Blvd. Salt Lake City Utah, 84121) Can be found on Charles D. Evans was Patriarch to the Church in Springville, Utah and was a school […]