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Things that matter to me

Welcome to my informal blog!

I use this site to share my ideas and insights about things that matter to me. It’s an archive of my favorite content and a place to share great information about politics, religion, and science.

About Jacob

Not an expert on anything, but I like learning.

Member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, inconsistent blogger, and small business owner. From Arizona and currently living in Idaho.

Thank you, readers!

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Featured Content

Rights, Agency, and Free Will

Unalienable Rights vs Vested Rights The concept of human rights is widely misunderstood. Humans have two kinds of rights; unalienable rights come from God and

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I am a life-long member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and I love sharing doctrinal insights and commentary on topics that matter to me.

My Faith in Practice

I believe the solutions to the world’s greatest problems begins with faith in Jesus Christ and a love for God, self, and others.

Love for God

I believe God is mindful of our lives and challenges, and that the key to a truly happy life is a love for God and a commitment to following his plan for our happiness.

Love for Self

I believe we are best able to help others when we first have a healthy love for self. I believe the Gospel of Jesus Christ help us forgive and love ourselves.

Love for Others

I believe the greatest problems in life come from a failure to truly love and care for those around us. I believe we can change the world by treating others as real people.


I believe the Constitution was established through the inspiration of God to provide a land where free speech and freedom of religion could flourish. I believe the original Constitution established God’s preferred pattern for all governments. As we learn how to practice the rare gift of freedom provided to us by the U.S. Constitution, we will be prepared to help all other nations protect the unalienable rights granted to us by our common Creator.

Recent Posts


Letting Go

Tonight while reading The Peacegiver, I had a really powerful image come to mind. I’m not talented enough to write or paint this, so I’ve leaned on the power of AI to help me capture what’s been in my heart about the importance of forgiving others. ———————- In shadows cast

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The Fundamentals – Accepting Beta Course Applications

Important update! (To skip the context and get to the good stuff, look for the ⭐️’s) Over the past 10 years since I got home from my mission in 2014, I’ve had dozens of people tell me, “I’d like to get more informed and involved with politics, but I don’t

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My Summary of the Book of Mormon

[This summary is a work in progress.] Jaredites Brother of Jared flees Babylon with family and friends Languages corrupted Coming to America across the ocean Built ships Storms at sea Reign of Kings Lehi’s Family Lehi’s family leaving Jerusalem for America The coming destruction of Jerusalem (1 Nephi 1) Lehi’s

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Is Judas a Son of Perdition?

Note: This article is currently being reviewed and edited. Feel free to leave feedback! Due to an interesting back-and-forth discussion in Sunday school today, I decided to consolidate some useful information to help our ward get on the same page about a topic that seems to come up every spring.

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Sealing Power Brings Hope

NOTE: I have not yet finished verifying all of the quotes that are used in this post. Parents of wayward children agonize over the choices and trials of their prodigal sons and daughters, and the fear of losing them deeply shakes their hearts. It’s unfortunate that one of the most

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